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Science and Grants Podcast

Dr. Morgan Giddings

Dr. Morgan Giddings discusses issues pertaining to scientists today with a characteristic no-holds-barred style. You may find philosophical and political questions such as where should scientists be on the activism scale? is the romance with science dead? and what is the future of science? Or you may find practical tips on grant writing techniques, how to run a research lab effectively, and how to manage your time and energy in doing so. Wherever we are this week, it might not be what you expect! Morgan Giddings has built a successful science career in bioinformatics, as well as becoming the author of Four Steps to Funding, and teacher of academic scientists in the areas of grant writing and science careers.

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Science and Grants Podcast
Apr 26, 2012 Morgan Giddings
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Medical research funding has been flat for the last several years. But in reality (that is, when inflation is taken into account), it has actually...